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A Primer on Fats and Oils (American Dietetic Association)

Fats occur naturally in food and play an important role in nutrition. Fats and oils provide a concentrated source of energy for the body. Fats are used to store energy in the body, insulate body tissues, and transport fat soluble vitamins through ... more...

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Heart Matters (by Jeremy Likness)

Bodybuilders train their muscles, but they often neglect the most important muscle of them all - the heart. Your heart is a great indicator of your level of fitness. Training your heart can improve all aspects of your health. Your heart can even b... more...

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Footbag: Kicking the Habit of Competition (by Todd "Spike" Reinhard)

The Mystique and Essence of Bloughchi Footbag: An Interview with Steve - The Danceman - Blough. Every so often the mainstream sports scene is struck by an athlete who seems to possess superhuman abilities on the playing courts and fields. He or s... more...

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Tennis: Stretch for Success! (by LaRue E. Cook)

Playing tennis requires flexibility! Let me repeat that, playing tennis requires flexibility! During the course of a match or practice session, you are required to reach, and stretch to hit the tennis ball from a variety of positions. Yet, many... more...

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Introduction to Dieting (by Lyle McDonald)

I am credited with having made the following statement on an internet newsgroup: Diet books tell you that you don't have to reduce calories to lose weight, and then trick you into doing it anyway. Following from the information I presented in the ... more...

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History of the Ketogenic Diet (by Lyle McDonald)

Before discussing the theory and metabolic effects of the ketogenic diet, it is useful to briefly review the history of the ketogenic diet and how it has evolved. There are two primary paths (and numerous sub-paths) that the ketogenic diet has fol... more...

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Lyle McDonald

Lyle McDonald became interested in the science of exercise and nutrition in high school through his involvement in martial arts, triathlon, gymnastics and weight training. This led him to pursue a bachelor's of science degree in Kinesiology from... more...

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The Sugar-coated Truth (by Jeremy Likness)

This article is about everything sweet. Learn about the history of sugar, the difference between refined and natural sugars, and sugar alternatives (artificial sweeteners). more...

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The Face of the Waters (by Jeremy Likness)

The story of creation begins with water. Water is an essential nutrient in our diet, but many people fail to address this important component of health. While part of the problem can be addressed by consuming foods such as fruits and vegetables th... more...

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Miscellaneous eBooks

Various eBooks related to health, fitness, fat loss, weight loss, fitness programs, exercises, resistance training, personal development and self growth. more...

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DietPower Nutrition Software

DietPower Nutrition Software allows you to log your calories and exercise, as well as your daily weight. The calorie counter will then compute your metabolic rate based on the feedback that you provide. This is one of the few software programs tha... more...

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