Sunday, June 12, 2005

Low-carb diet leads to fastest weight loss among obese women, study says

Obese women who follow a low-carbohydrate diet may lose twice as much weight in six months as those who go on a low-fat plan, a new study reports. But the reason for the low-carb craze's dramatically better results is still not clear, the researchers say. Pre more...

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Low carb diets fading in popularity, still recommended for health, weight loss

Although America's love affair with low-carb diets may be fading, health experts say that the principle of a healthy approach to carbs with a balance of the right carbohydrates, lean proteins, and good fats is still an excellent tool for fighting obesity. St more...

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Decreasing sales of Atkins products point to a shift in dietary goals

Many individuals have given up the carb-free way of life in favor of a better way. Most are turning to Weight Watchers and other programs that involve less carb counting and healthier eating. Store owners everywhere are seeing the low-carb trend fade, and m more...

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Glycemic index may be helpful in low-carb eating; index ranks various types of carbohydrates

Dieters have begun watching their carbohydrates using a food table that was designed for diabetics in mind. Experts are divided on whether non-diabetics should use the glycemic index to design diets, but the table seems to be catching on. The index ranks food more...

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Low-carb popularity is putting one founder out of business; tiny chain cannot compete with corporate food giants

An Arizona woman who helped usher in America's carb-counting craze is closing up shop. The owner of the 11-store Low Carb Mall chain says the fad has been taken over by corporate giants, and her four-year-old company just cannot compete. Among her issues: one more...

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