Sunday, May 15, 2005

Can Quick Weight Loss Really Work?

Posted by Jeff Dedrick

Quick weight loss is promised by diets all the time. “Lose 10 pounds over night,” the ads will scream. Most people know in the back of their mind that quick weight loss is either not healthy or is a short term fix.

Most quick weight loss pounds are only water. Your body will flush water out of your system and the scale will show a quick weight loss of 3 to 10 pounds. The quick weight loss is however short lived. The second you drink any fluids your body will hold the water and your quick weight loss will disappear.

The short tem success of quick weight loss in a low carb diet is also this loss of water. Dieters are excited when they see the quick weight loss however this excitement is short lived. Once carbs are introduced back into their diet, boom, there goes the quick weight loss.

Instead of being suckered into all the quick weight loss claims, why don’t your try these common sense weight loss tips to use when dining out to help you achieve long term success. You won’t see a quick weight loss by following these tips but you will see some really great long term changes in your body.

1.)If you must have a dessert, split it with a friend.

2.)Start your meal with soup and a salad. If you fill up on healthy foods first, you may eat less of the high calorie entries.

3.)Immediately ask for a box to go and place half of your meal in it. Not only will you cut calories but you now have an entire additional meal for later.

4.)Ask for non-fat or low-fat dressing on the side when ordering your salad. You can then control the portion size. A high calorie dressing can add 200-400 additional calories to your health salad.

5.)At a fast food restaurant, always order the small size. Did you know a super size French fry at McDonald’s is 29 grams of fat and 610 calories??

Once again, these simple restaurant tips will not result in quick weight loss but if you start using these and other weight loss tips every day, you will start seeing the long term success you truly deserve. Always thing long term and don’t be tricked by diets that promise “incredible quick weight loss”.

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Posted by Jeff Dedrick
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Eating Healthy and Frugal?

Posted by Jeff Dedrick

Sometimes it seems that eating junk food is the most frugal way to go. Not if you calculate medical bills in – because of the poor health you’ll have by consuming processed foods.

It is possible to eat healthy and save money! Try these helpful tips!

When you plan meals, you can make sure you include enough foods from each food group. Pay special attention to serving enough vegetables and fruits in family meals.

When a food with a lot of fat or salt graces the menu, you can plan lowfat or low- salt foods to go with it. For example, ham is high in salt. If you have ham for dinner (try to get nitrate-free ham), you also can serve a salad or a vegetable that doesn’t need salt.

If you plan before you go food shopping, you’ll know what you have on hand and what you need. Also, shopping from a list helps you avoid junk food purchases.

Buy fresh fruits in season like apples or peaches. Dried fruits like raisins or prunes, raw vegetables, crackers, and whole wheat bread make terrific snacks.

Look for large bags of frozen vegetables. They may be bargains and you can cook just the amount you need, close the bag tightly, and put the rest back in the freezer. Cook these with real butter (a good, natural fat), and you’ll find yourself less hungry throughout the day!

If you need only a small amount of a vegetable, buying at the salad bar can save money if it reduces the amount you waste.

Buy fresh milk in large containers ( gallon or 1/ 2 gallon). These generally cost less than quarts. Organic milk is hormone free, and is preferable for optimal health. You may have to go to a health food store to find it, but it’s worth the trip.

Look for specials at the meat counter. Buying cuts of meat on sale can mean big savings for you. Try to buy hormone-free meats whenever possible.

Buy chuck or bottom round roast instead of sirloin. These cuts have less fat and cost less. They need to be covered during cooking and cooked longer to make the meat tender.

Buy whole chickens and cut them into serving size pieces yourself.

Use dry beans sometimes instead of meat, poultry, or fish. They cost less and provide many of the same nutrients. They are also lower in fat.

Adding healthy food to your diet doesn’t have to break the bank!

Posted by Jeff Dedrick
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