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Before, During and After Aerobics

When you’re starting aerobics, the temptation is to throw yourself into it, and that’s fine as long as you’re careful. Even if you’re late to class, it’s important to warm up, stretching your muscles and getting your heart rate up gradually. If you try to do too much, your body will take revenge by burning fat less efficiently, (or by hurling you to the floor with a charley horse). So be patient, Grasshopper, and know that as long as you are exercising at no more than 75% of your maximum heart rate, you are burning fat at an optimal level. In this case, more is not better, and may be worse, as working at high intensity (85% of maximum heart rate and above), actually causes your body to reduce by about 65% the amount of fat it is burning.

If that isn’t enough incentive to keep your heart rate in a reasonable realm, bear in mind that “maximum heart rate” is the number of beats your heart can beat per minute right before you drop dead from overexertion. You don’t ever want to approach your maximum heart rate!

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Before, During and After Aerobics.

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Aerobic Fitness and Excercise Music

There is nothing like walking into a gym and hearing the Opus of exercise. Aerobic music is one of the most important mood setting tools for a fitness class. Could you imagine a step or spinning class without the right musical score setting the rhythm and cadence? Without the resonance of beating bass and an upbeat tempo, an aerobics class would be just a toil of exertion. When I was growing up we called it calisthenics and in my grand parents time they called it doing your daily constitutional.

Aerobic instructors rely on music to keep the 32-count, 120 beat per minute, routines on track. They build from a limbering warm up to a final thrust of motion exposing who is in condition and who is not. An aerobics work out is really broken into a series of drills and movements called routines.

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Reach and Maintain Your Ideal Weight

If you've ever tried to lose weight you've probably tried every fad diet and weight loss gimmick there is. It's the same old story every time. As soon as you quit the program, the pounds come right back on leaving you frustrated, depressed and feeling like a failure.

As much as we might want it to be true, there's simply no magic way to achieve a healthy body weight. Many of the "magic" pills, potions and powders can lead to significant weight loss for a short period. But the vast majority of people who lose weight using these approaches regain the pounds within a couple of years.

No short-term program can help you maintain a healthy weight. It's not what you do for the next six weeks or six months that counts. It's what you do for the rest of your life—including regular activity, healthy eating and maintaining a positive attitude and self-image that determines your ability to stay at a healthy weight.

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Aerobics and Burning Excess Fat

You’ve probably heard of “fat-burning” workouts, and maybe you’ve wondered how fat is actually burned. Is it melted from the heat of your body as it contorts into strenuous yoga positions? Can it be “flushed” away using diet teas or pills? In truth, is fat burned in equal amounts to sugar and protein, or does it have different requirements? In fact, fat is a miraculous substance. Created by the body in times of plenty, stored safely against the day of famine, fat takes no heed of our desktop lifestyles and high-calorie lunches. Fat thinks that fat is a good thing! It just piles itself on, layer upon layer, in the way that grandmothers used to urge children to “eat, it’ll make you strong.” Because fat is interested in your future and is always worried that you might starve, it tends to accumulate fast, and stick around – around middles, thighs, chins. And fat is flexible: when you eat fatty foods, the fat goes into your already-started fat deposits like a regular deposit into your Roth IRA. Read the rest of this article about Aerobics and burning fat, especially the excess off.


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How to Buy Athletic Shoes for Aerobics

We are constantly asked by aerobic students and instructors requesting guidance on how to buy the best aerobic shoes that will be that perfect pair. Here's a few guidelines we have come up with for womens aerobic shoe shopping.There are two things you are looking for in step aerobic shoes or jazzercise and other dance related aerobic exercises. The first thing you need is great stability to accomodate all of the lateral movements that occur throughout the routines. The second feature of this particular kind of athletic shoe to look for is cushioning to minimize the impact of running in place, bouncing, and especially in step aerobic shoes, the low impact of stepping down.Read the rest of this article about How to buy athletic shoes for aerobics. more...

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