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What is an Aerobic Workout, or Aerobics?

Aerobics (or aerobic exercise) is a workout that increases your oxygen intake and the flow of oxygen throughout your body. It consists of continuous, rhythmic movements that use large muscle groups, causing your heart and lungs to work harder than they do at rest. If you think an aerobic workout means dancing in a sweaty leotard to aerobic disco music, you are right: you are also right if you think aerobics means bicycling, rowing, walking quickly or jogging, swimming, trampolining or jumping rope. Read the rest of this article about What is an aerobic workout. more...

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An Introduction to Aerobics and Fitness.

With the new understanding of the importance of physical fitness throughout the life cycle and the aging of the general population, working out has become a notable part of daily life. These days, exercising is not just good sense; some people use it as a status symbol. You often hear people discussing their workouts; cycling, exercise classes, working on the weight machines or treadmills. They work out before work, at lunchtime, after work and on the weekends. They eat special foods to maximize endurance and increase fat loss. Yet, the obesity rate in this country is soaring: more people are overweight than ever in our history, and serious diseases related to weight (heat disease and diabetes, among others) are taking their toll. People of all ages are asking, What is happening to us, and how can we stop it?

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