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Emergency Weight Loss -- Losing Weight Quickly and Safely

Emergency Weight LossHow to Lose Weight Quickly & Safely"Sound the alarms! I need an emergency weight loss plan!" Two weeks before her wedding, my sister yelled, "The heck with your healthy diets...I need to lose weight and lose it now."Unfortunately, we have... more...

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Diet Basics' Spotlights

The Diet Basics'SpotlightTo help get the word out on important weight loss issues, we developed the Diet Basics' Spotlight. It brings to "light" issues, products, and concepts that we feel could impact your weight loss efforts. Never again should you worry... more...

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The Content Webmaster Plan -- Make Money Selling Weight Loss Products

Content Webmaster PlanImproving the Accuracy of Weight Loss InformationDiet Basics plan is to improve the accuracy of weight loss information found on the internet. Part of our plan involves helping you start an internet business selling weight loss products.The... more...

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Diet Preparation II -- Importance of Sleep

Diet Preparation IIImportance of Sleep
The first article in this series stressed the importance of being
prepared to begin any weight loss program. Withough proper diet
preparation, you will set yourself up for weight loss failure instead of success.... more...

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Weight Loss Secret -- "Think Bodybuilding"

Weight Loss SecretThink BodybuildingThis little known secret has been used by bodybuilders for sometime now to achieve astounding results, including healthy weight loss when necessary. Keep in mind, however, that bodybuilders also practice the diet basics of... more...

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Exercise Amount More Important Than Intensity

Study demonstrates that you can exercise at an intensity much less than the classic exercise regimen and still achieve fitness benefits. more...

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Moderate Exercise Yields Cardiovascular Benefits

The amount of exercise may be more important than intensity to improve cardiovascular health. The effects of exercise amount and intensity in sedentary overweight men and women. more...

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Fitness Oriented Gym Classes Demonstrate Measurable Health Benefits for Overweight Children

Fitness oriented gym classes were designed to make fitness and good nutrition fun and achievable and to maximize the amount of fitness movement during the class period. more...

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Female Athletes At Risk for Gender Related Injuries

Women have different sports medicine needs than men. Other issues unique to female athletes include exercising when pregnant, exercise induced incontinence. more...

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Visceral Fat Build Up Is The Cost of Inactivity and Lack of Exercise

Lack of exercise leads to significant increases in visceral fat, and a moderate exercise regimen can keep this potentially dangerous form of fat at bay. more...

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Walking Shoes and Healthy Walking

Cheap gas prices are hard to find and people are taking out their walking shoes and walk more. more...

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Genetics May Affect How Older Adults Respond to Exercise

New research suggests why some older adults who exercise have better physical function than others. more...

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Are You Burning As Many Calories As You Think?

Fitness activity is very important to maintaining good health and also helps to burn calories. more...

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Add Regular Physical Activity To Your Daily Routine

With planning, you can easily fit 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic activity into your routine most days of the week. more...

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Certain Gene Variation Associated With Better Mobility for Older Individuals Who Exercise

Older individuals with a certain gene variation who exercise are less likely to develop mobility limitations. more...

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Orange Alert

Losing weight shoudn't mean losing your life. But Georgetown University scientists recently found that a popular weight-loss supplement may mimic ephedra's killer instinct. In a review of the efficacy of bitter-orange extract (a.k.a. Citrus aurantium), researches... more...

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Do Electric Ab Stimulators Really Work?

Electronic muscle stimulators are the latest craze, the hottest fad... but you want to know "do they really work!" Right? To answer that question, let’s start with a little background information on what this equipment was originally designed for.

Electric... more...

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How To Develop A Tapered Waistline

Author: Dr. Robert Osgoodby

WARNING!! Always seek the advice of a Medical Doctor before starting, or making changes in your diet or exercise program.

Did you know that over 90% of all women and over 80% of all men are dissatisfied with some... more...

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21-Day Habit Builders

Research indicates that it takes 21 days to establish a habit in your life. Good or bad, when we repeatedly do things for 21 straight days it actually becomes harder to skip that it is to stay on the routine. Consider what you do automatically -- how your... more...

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Core Exercise - Side Hip Raise

Here is another great core exercise for you to try.

Side Hip Raise

Lying on your side, rest bottom forearm on floor with elbow directly under shoulder. Place other hand on hip with elbow skyward. Lift body off floor with only forearm and outside of... more...

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4 Secrets To A Flat Stomach

Do you want a flat stomach? I don't know a person who doesn't!

People spend millions, if not billions of dollars, each year in the quest for a flat stomach. Right now there are about 200 or more ab exercise devices out there. There's the ab do-it, the ab... more...

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More Great Abs Exercises for Your Core

Lunge & Reach

Reach down beside left foot and lift weight up with both hands. Extend arms fully over opposite shoulder. Bring back down to floor in same motion. After 30 seconds, repeat on opposite side.

Do this exercise very slow and controlled and... more...

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When Not to Work Through Pain

You're working hard, making progress, and then it hits. PANG! You pull something, you twist something, your strain something. Whatever you've done, it's not crippling, so push through it. Right?


If something doesn't feel right, your body's... more...

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The Facts About Breast Implant Surgery

The Facts About Breast Implant SurgeryBy Jenna KeysFrom a very early age, women are subjected to ideals regarding the size and shape of their breasts. Modern media – glossy magazines and movies - tell us how big and what shape they should be. Many women consider and eventually have breast implants in order to conform to these opinions but while there are advantages to having this done there are still some concerns and many questions that need answering.

Not all cosmetic surgery is carried out on women who simply want bigger breasts. Many face psychological problems because the size or shape of each breast is different. Breast cancer sufferers consider breast-rebuilding treatment to try and get their lives back on track.

Gone are the days where the only surgical procedure available for women was breast enlargements. There are numerous surgical procedures for various areas of the body although the breasts remain a firm favourite for women. You can now have breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, breast implants, a breast lift and a breast reduction.

You should always consider every view and get the full facts before you consider any surgery, least of all cosmetic surgery.

For most forms of breast implants a small incision of approximately 1.5 inches is made in the fold under the breast, around the areola or in the underarm. For saline implants, a pocket is then created and the implant inserted. Once inserted the implant is then inflated with the saline solution.

More information about the surgery.

The procedure itself usually takes between an hour and two hours and dressing and bandaging is worn for the proceeding 24 to 48 hours. After this a support bra is worn for around 3 weeks although patients can normally be up and moving within 24 hours of the operation. It is advised that strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for about a month after surgery.

You will suffer bruising and swelling around the breasts that should disappear with time, and also a firmness in the breasts that will disappear with time. You will more than likely feel a little discomfort for several days following the procedure; if this discomfort continues you should consult the clinic where you underwent the operation.

What are the possible side effects of breast implant surgery?

Current research shows no heightened risk of systemic disease or breast cancer in patients, however, as with all surgery there are risks attached. Unfavourable scarring may occur leaving nasty marks around the incision area or around the implant. Infection may occur as with any surgery. Bleeding, excessive firmness, rippling, deflation, asymmetry and a change in nipple sensation may also be encountered but breast augmentation has the highest satisfaction rate of any cosmetic surgery.

What implants are used?

Currently, in the United States, saline implants are used for breast augmentation; these are a silicone rubber shell filled with saline (salt water) during surgery. They are available in a wide choice of shapes and sizes. If a patient has significant problems and saline implants would not be the best solution then gel implants may also be used.

The advantage of saline implants that if you are one of the unlucky 1% of people who’s implants deflate, the body absorbs the salt-water solution and the implant deflates at a rate that means the body can cope with the amount of salt water being absorbed.

How much will breast augmentation cost?

Obviously this will differ dependant on exactly what procedure you want, the incision type your require and where you have the procedure done. It is obviously not advised to plump for the cheapest option as this may lead to using an inefficient surgeon and complications with the procedure. As a very rough guide you can expect to pay between $4000 and $10000 for breast augmentation. There are probably cheaper and more expensive options available, but I wouldn’t advise either. The price you pay also takes into account the availability of plastic surgeons in that area and the qualifications and expertise of the potential surgeon.

If you are certain you want breast implants but feel that the price is a little too high for your budget, you will be pleased to hear that many surgeons will offer credit agreements to spread the cost over time.

You should always be very careful when picking a clinic or surgeon. Make sure they are professionally certified and be aware that this is a prime example of you get what you pay for; the price you pay is usually indicative of the qualifications, experience and expertise of your surgeon.

Do not be afraid to ask your surgeon for testimonials from satisfied clients; any professional worth his salt will be able to supply them and will be only to pleased to do so.

At the end of the day, you must have confidence in your surgeon. And the only way to achieve that, is to do your research.

?2005 Jenna KeysAbout the Author: Jenna Keys is Editor of , an online resource for breast surgery information.


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