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We sat through every agonizing (well, at least for some of us it was) episode of Manhunt an America’s next Top Model, wondering how the heck they get that kind of body. More specifically, that six-packed abs we’ve been working so hard on, but to no avail.

We’ve tried numerous abs diet just to have that “to-die-for” abs (because we don’t mind keeping the boobs, they’re big enough for our comfort). We’re finally giving up on looking for the perfect abs diet, realizing that these people do not really eat in the first place.

But don’t give up yet, because here is an easy to do, inexpensive abs diet that you can do on your own.

However, even as you chance upon this abs diet article, you’re still not convinced if you should do it. You think, “I’ll never be like those models.” Newsflash: you don’t need to be. Having great abs doesn’t just attract the gazes of the opposite sex, researchers have also shown that people who have perfect abs experience no back pain, sleep better and it actually improves their sex life (now were talking). So I say read on this abs diet program and start planning your journey to your dream abs.

One of the first major steps in having a successful abs diet is to eat more fiber. Think fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fiber is good for you because a] it acts like a dry sponge (when mixed with water it helps food move more quickly in your body) b] its filling (lesser calorie intake, great for the abs diet) and c] fiber in food causes it to be chewier, thus taking it longer time to eat and leaving you feeling satisfied. (Tip: in doing the fiber area of the abs diet, remember to start taking it slowly but continuously to prevent bloating)

Eat high-quality carbohydrates. For the abs diet, or any other diet for that matter, it’s not true that we should avoid carbs. Carbohydrates translate into energy for our body. Just remember to eat carbs in sensible amount and avoid carbs in fast food, cookies, and food with high sodium.

Too much or too less of anything is bad. And that is true for the abs diet, too. As much as we have to watch our sodium intake, we also have to watch our sugar intake.

Another important part of the abs diet is to lessen the stress in our life. Stress usually arises from excessive work or worrying. Stress does not only ruin your abs diet, it's also bad for your skin. Lessen stress in your life by learning to relax, let go and let loose. Find something that you really enjoy doing and do them often to release stress.

And of course, no abs diet would be complete without exercise. Sit-ups and crunches do wonder for your abs. Remember to do them in small repetitions and gradually increase them as you go forward in your exercise plan.

The keyword to achieving the perfect abs and the success of the abs diet is DISCIPLINE. Without it, all your work is futile. Now if you have the belly of a whale, I suggest that you do more than rely on this abs diet and get professional help.

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