Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dieting Tips and Other Useful Info

With Americans dieting more than any other country,
wouldn't you think we would be the most buff?

There would be six-pack abs on everyone you see at
the malls or taking their shirts off at football games.

One could go to your local Walmart and everyone would look
like the little celebrities we see on the cover of People Magazine.

Well, we know that none of this is true.

So there must be something wrong with what we are doing.

Could it be that Diets don't work?

You are about to go on a journey in the coming days, weeks
and months and discover:

* Why diets don't work.
* How you may be setting yourself up for major health problem in

your future.
* Does the health and diet industry really want you to succeed.
* What percent of people like you really see results on diets.
* How can a reader of "Dieting Sucks Blog" help others readers while

helping themselves.
* How can readers of this blog receive free info products to help them

see real long term success.

Plus a ton of other things that just may change your life.........

Bookmark this page now, write down the address,
remember to check back.

What we are going to do here may just change your life.

Talk to you soon,
Jeff Dedrick
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